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Child Abduction Prevention

Parental Kidnapping can be one of the worst nightmares in Divorce and Custody matters. This can be a Federal Offense, yet each year thousands of children are taken by their noncustodial parent without permission of the court. Often the child is removed from the State. In many instances the kidnapping occurs as a ploy to control the custodial parent and as a control tactic.

Fortunately, most of the kidnapping abduction cases last for only a two to five days, and almost half the parents whose children were abducted by the noncustodial parent knew where the children were. On the downside, however, is the fact that the majority of the kidnappers in child custody cases have a history of spousal abuse, and/or a criminal record, making the situation more problematic to say the least.

In cases where the child is abducted to another state, Federal laws can protect you and your children. If the children make it to another country, the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is helpful in dealing with signatories such as Canada, France, Portugal, Great Britain and Australia. Third world countries can be more difficult and you may need to contact the consulate of that country.

Lastly, don't ignore threats of kidnapping by the noncustodial parent. Alert your child's school if someone shows suspicious shows an interest in your child. Make certain you take the precautionary steps to not allow a passport be granted upon application by the other parent. Finally, you may need to discuss your concerns with your child if he or she is old enough to comprehend the situation.

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